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A forgotten Chimpanzee Reserve in Uganda

Why called a forgotten chimpanzee reserve? DO you know Budongo forest in Uganda? What do you expect from Budongo forest reserve as a tourist destination? Visitors seeking the serenity and calmness of nature  opt for Budongo forest and referred to as a birding paradise of Uganda. Looking for Chimpanzee trekking? It is a home to primates including chimpanzees.
How many Chimpanzees are in Budongo forest? Budongo forest is a vast forest and Uganda’s most important refuge for chimpanzees with a population of more than 800 individuals. A group of these chimpanzees  habituated for research purposes and it has played a big role in primates’ research not only for Uganda but for the entire world.

What to expect at Budongo forest?

Budongo forest is a home to different primate species. Apart from chimpanzees you can expect blue monkeys, white and black colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys and olive baboons among others. This vast forest  also known for a number of different bird species and even butterflies. With the neighboring savannah national park of Murchison Falls, you can expect wildlife too such as buffaloes, elephants and others.

What are the good things about Budongo forest?

Many advantages over other destinations; There is chimpanzee trekking and even full day chimpanzee habituation and they are at lower fees compared to other places like Kibale national park.

Are there accommodations in Budongo forest?

There are accommodations at Kaniyo-Pabidi and Busingiro as tourism sites and several others in the nearby Murchison falls national park. You can also be sure of excellent birding experience in Budongo forest due to more than 360 bird species. This birding paradise harbors some bird species that are only endemic to Budongo forest. There are 60 bird species that are considered west and central African birds. Species like Lemon Bellied Crombec, white-thighed hornbill and puvel’s illadopsis are expected to be spotted in Budongo forest.
Research by oxford University on Budongo forest.
Research  done on this forest: “Ecology and Conservation Primatology Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Animal Behaviour and Behavioural Ecology”. The research explains the three main forest types forming a succession forest. The intermediate forest type is the most favorite habitat for chimpanzees as it provides them with most of their food.

How diverse is Budongo forest?

This Chimpanzee Reserve of 825 Sq. KM forest is the largest surviving natural forest in Uganda. Managed by Uganda forestry authority and this diverse Nature Reserve is the oldest in the Country. The buffer zone of this forest allows Eco – Tourism and Research to prosper and its Production zone caters for Commercial Activities. These two need each other to exist.
What best activities to do in Budongo forest?
With more than 360 bird species, 250 butterflies, 24 mammal species, 130 moth species and 400 tree species, Budongo forest is one of the most diverse forests in Uganda. The major activities to look out to look in Budongo forest include: Bird watching, chimpanzee trekking, nature walk, photography, chimpanzee habituation and others. You can talk to our expert and plan African safari today.